• After It Rained....Belle

    The torrential rain accompanied by floods will come…but the rain is important for the flowers to Bloom again. Happy Monday….Be safe out there.

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    Humming Bird

  • The Dancing Belle

    I created this piece in celebration of all those who support the global fight against the transmission and spread of HIV. Growing up in the 1980’s when the disease emerged was such a daunting experience. Education and treatment was particularly challenging for Caribbean small island states. Today,there has been significant progress in the fight against the virus. We have come such a long way in the past forty plus years however we still have some way to go. But we can still celebrate the successes of those who have contributed to this cause. The proposed creative concept for this year’s theme “Global Solidarity, Shared Responsibility” will explore the concept that there are Angels amongst us who provide the support and buffer for those who have been affected by HIV as well as the wider community who support in the fight against this virus.

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    When SHE transcends…The Dancing Belle That woman who transcends difficult situations…and soars….Happy Mother’s Season 2020/21 Size :14x 18